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A little bit about us

Your data, your way

We will work with your data in whatever format you wish.  Once our process is completed we will return your data in the same format as it was received with any additional information added to the end of each record.  If your list requires the return data be converted to a different format, we can do that as well.  

We believe that forcing customers to convert their data into some required predefined format for their data service provider doesn't solve any problems.   

Our job is to provide solutions to our customers, not add complexity to them.

   Our services

  • Data formatting - address hygiene

  • Address correction

  • Postal presorting for Lettermail "First class" service

  • Postal presorting for Publications mail service

  • Postal presorting for Personalized mail service

  • Postal presorting for standard, over sized and dimensional mail pieces.

Almost every mailing list is returned the same day

How to get started

Call our phone number and you will be connected to a data technician.  No sales people to deal with.  You will have direct access with the team member servicing your  mailing lists, so any questions or issues can be immediately addressed.  

We will discuss the needs of your project, what the best process is to address those issues and create a solution to meet those needs.  In most cases it only takes about 15 minutes.

We start by putting each address element into the correct postal formatting standard.  The process of address hygiene helps the mail piece travel the entire postal system correctly by improving the ability for mail carriers and postal equipment to read the address correctly.

Optional services included:

  • Appending Mr/Mrs field for gender

  • Proper casing for all address fields

  • Randomized record selection

  • Duplicate record removal

  • Data format restructuring

Data Formatting

Address Correction

Next each record is read and compared to the current official Canada Post database of all addresses in the country.  On average 95% of all addresses with mistakes and errors are corrected during this stage.

In addition to this, we attempt a manual address correction for each records that is flagged as non-coded undeliverable.  On average this is about 2% for small lists.

This is at no additional charge.

About us

The team at NAMLS has been involved in many aspects of the mailing industry since the mid to late 90's.  Throughout the years all of us have often worked together at the same companies focused on mailing throughout North America or specifically Canada.

We look forward to offering many more years of services for your mailing data needs. 

Finally the entire mailing list is again compared against the same Canada Post database to organize, group and arrange the mailing list into the most optimal sequence for mailing.

This in turn offers dramatic postage savings.  It also helps the mail to travel as quickly as possible throughout Canada Posts mail delivery network.

Each mailing list we process will come with all the necessary postal reports as required by the post office to ensure full compliance and acceptance.

Postal Presort

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Hours:      Monday though Friday  8am - 5pm

Phone:     234-200-6189